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Scam Jobs Main Steps
Main Steps

01- Creating Websites.

02- Domains and Hosting.

03- Products to Sell.

04- Search Engines.

05- WebSite traffic.

06- Web Advertising.

07- Accepting Credit Cards.

08- Shopping Carts.

09- Scam Jobs.

10- Web Development.

Scam Jobs 09- The work at home jobs you don't want---

Information about scam letters, scam contest etc.

The Internet offers a global marketplace for consumers and businesses. However, criminals also recognize the potential of cyberspace.

It is difficult sometimes to tell the difference between reputable online sellers and criminals who use the Internet to separate people from their money. You can protect yourself by learning how to recognize the danger signs of fraud.

Know whom you're dealing with and Guard your personal information.

You should always research any company or work at home business before you decide to join. Never jump right in and join without looking into work at home opportunities, because you may find that you have been scammed. Not all work at home businesses are legit, and this is why you need to protect yourself from

Some models of these programs:

  • Get Paid To Answer Online Surveys
  • Get Paid To Take Surveys
  • Get Paid To Accept Offers
  • Get Paid To Read Email
  • Get Paid To Play Games
  • Get Paid To Work At Home
  • Get Paid To Surf The Web
  • Get Paid To Visit Websites
  • Get Paid To Search
  • Get Paid for Your Opinions
  • Get Paid to Shop
  • Get Paid For Promoting Your Own Personal Web Site
  • Mystery Shopper - Get Paid to Shop
  • Get PAID to SEND E-Mail Reports
  • Work From Home Typing Ads
  • Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes
  • Work From Home Assembling Craft
  • Spam Letters:

  • Purchase $25 Worth of "Reports" and Become a Millionaire
  • "Making over half million dollars every 4 to 5 months from your home for an investment of only $25 U.S. Dollars expense one time"
  • Be part of one of America's Fastest Growing Industries! Earn thousand of dollars a month - from your home - Processing Medical Billing Claims.
  • Visit This site to learn more about scams:

    The Work at Home Jobs You Don't Want:

    Assembly Jobs - No, you can't make lots of money assembling craft kits or any other type of kits. You can waste money on a package to get you started though.

    Data Entry Jobs - You'll see lots of listings for data entry jobs. They are usually either positions posting ads or a sales pitch for a kit that will get you started.

    Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) which involves recruiting new people, and more new people, to sell the product. If all you are doing is trying to find more people to do what you're doing, keep in mind that there are probably thousands of other people attempting to do the same thing. None of them are getting rich.

    Online Businesses - Do you want to start your own online business and get rich? Be very wary of these type of ads too. What 'll you do is end up paying for a guide to working at home which duplicates information you can find free.

    Posting Ads - There are lots of ads saying workers are needed to post ads on online bulletin boards and forums. You don't get paid to post, rather you may get paid if other
    people sign-up.

    Processing Claims - In order to get "hired" you'll need to buy equipment, software and pay for training.

    Stuffing Envelopes - Believe it, or not, there are still people saying that you can earn $3 or $4 per envelope to stuff them. You can't. All major companies have postage machines which stuff, sort and meter mail.

      The winner in the scam contest are the sites that offer to selprovide you with information on only legitimate work at home jobs - for a nominal fee, of course. Don't do it!

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