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Web Advertising Main Steps
Main Steps

01- Creating Websites.

02- Domains and Hosting.

03- Products to Sell.

04- Search Engines.

05- WebSite traffic.

06- Web Advertising.

07- Accepting Credit Cards.

08- Shopping Carts.

09- Scam Jobs.

10- Web Development.

Web Advertising 06- Advertising on the web- Page 2 of 2

Second Method:

Link Ad Exchange
Exchange links with other sites.

Link popularity is considered an important factor by many search engines to achieve a high ranking, so you would want your link on as many other sites as possible. Links from sites related to yours are also given more weight by the search engines so you should try to get your link on such sites.

People move from one site to another through links. A well placed link on a site that attracts the same visitors as yours can be a great traffic generator. If you want to find sites to exchange links with, check out who's linking to your competitors and try to exchange links with them.

Keep in mind that a link exchange should be beneficial for both parts.

To check the number of web pages linking to your site:

Link Partners Sample

Third Method:

Banner Ads

Banner ads have been known to be one of the best ways of advertising on the internet, however their effectiveness depends on having a striking banner and a headline that compels a visitor to click.

Banner ad is one of the most popular forms of Internet advertising .

A banner ad is simply a special sort of hypertext link. A bit of HTML code instructs a Web server to bring up a particular Web page when a user clicks on a banner ad; the banner is displayed as a box containing graphics (usually with textual elements) and sometimes animation.

To know How Banner Ads Work:

Banners common size:

Full Banner
Full Banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
Half Banner
Square Button
Button #1
Button #2
Micro Button
Vertical Banner

More Methods:

News groups:

A news group works like a bulletin board: a group member posts a message for the whole group to read, and then anyone can post a follow-up message. A message plus its series of follow-up messages is called a "thread"

Mailing Lists (Public email lists):

Another way to get out free advertising is the mailing lists. Mailing lists are a lot like emailed conversations on a specific topic.

Signature files:

A signature file is text that is part of your outgoing e-mail message every time you send an e-mail to someone.

A signature file is much like your signature in a snail-mail letter. But a signature file contains all the basic and contact information about your business! It goes directly below your e-mail message.

Use some or all of these methods to increase web traffic and site visitors to your website

Banners Samples:
Yahoo Banner,  Size: 468x60 - Full Banner
ipower Banner, Size: 125x125 - Square Button
Web Advertising