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Content Rich, Keyword-Focused Pages: Your Key to Search Engine Success
An often overlooked fact in search engine optimization is that internal pages can have a dramatic effect in boosting traffic to your site. More often than not, efforts are concentrated only on getting people to visit the home page. This is a mistake. Content rich, keyword focused internal pages are easier to optimize and have an excellent probability of pulling in abundant and relevant web traffic.

The best way to use internal pages to draw in traffic is to split your content among several very focused pages. For example, if you run a site about cars and you are writing a review of three different car models, don't write a lengthy review covering the three cars in one single web page.

Instead, write three separate reviews in three different web pages, and optimize each page for each individual car model. You will have to repeat the model name frequently in the page copy, and include it in the page's title and meta tags. You should also try to get inbound links from sources relevant to your page's content. For example, if one of your three reviews is about the Mazda Miata, you must try to get inbound links to that page from other Mazda Miata-related pages. This will increase the relevance of your page, and increase its chances of getting a good position in the search engine results pages when people search for "Mazda Miata".

Some websites lend themselves naturally to this approach, for example, content sites that run a lot of articles. My own internet marketing website ( ) is a case in point, as some of my articles draw even more traffic than my homepage. Each of my articles covers a separate topic, and is written in its own, well optimized internal web page.
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Content Rich