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Website Tools
Website Tools
Important Website Tools
Important website tools to analyze your web pages, knowing the right  keywords, meta tag analysis, page ranking on google and alexa and how to manage your links pages.

Auto Backlinks

Generating inbound links with, improves your website Page Rank and get more visitors without wasting time on manually searching, negotiating and paying for partner websites.

Make sure your page loads fast.
If a page doesn't load in 8 seconds you lose 1/3 of your visitors. Here's a great free tool to help you check your website's load time
Good Keywords
Good Keywords is a free Windows software for finding the perfect set of keywords for your web pages. Knowing the right keywords to target is very important because your site should provide what people are searching for.
Keyword Selector
Online Keyword Selector Tool-from Overture
Link Popularity:
Check the number of web pages linking to your site.
Link Popularity Check
See how many sites are linking back to your web site and who they are.
Google's Page Rank
Page Rank is Google's way of giving a specific value to how popular your website is.
Get it for free here:
Meta Tag Analyzer
This meta tag analysis tool will help you analyze your web pages and check for search engine compatibility.
Logo and Button Creator
Free online Logo and Button Creator:
Xenu Link checkers   
A great Free tool available on the web that is not well known is Xenu.

Keyword Position Check
Keyword rank checker tool
to check your search engine position ranking for any keyword in the major search engines and get an advanced report including related keywords and spell check.

keyword Selection TOOLS:

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Recommendations
This is the fastest way to find keywords ideas for your main keyword. Just start typing your keyword in Google and it will automatically start giving you wonderful ideas.

Google Wonder Wheel
See visually how one keyword relates to other.

Google Related
Google automatically gives related to data to a searcher:

Google Insight

Google Sets

YouTube Keyword Tool

It tells you how unrelated two keywords are in terms of its related search terms:

Google Zeitgeist

Ask Reference
Ask is a great place to quickly find long tail keyword ideas or finding topics for articles:

This is a lightning fast way to get keyword ideas from all popular sources like Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube, bing etc at the same time:

Twitter for Keyword Research
Good thing about using Twitter for keyword research is that it gives you ideas based on what people are saying NOW!

Website Tools