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Joining Forums
Joining forums can boost traffic and be fun

By: Clare Lawrence 1st January 2004

Are you looking to boost your websites traffic? Why not try joining on-line forums. There are a number of benefits:-


Forums are useful places to chat to more experienced users in their field, forums allow for the free exchange of ideas. Also they are usually friendly places and you get a feel for the subject.Regular posts in forums gives you credibility as your showing your knowledge and experience.

Page Rank

Google crawls forums, and certainly the smaller ones can have good page ranks. Page Rank is Google's measure of the links between pages, and is a key component of Google's search algioritm.If possible post in Forums with a higher page.

Signature file

Make sure you complete the signature file, with a link back to your site.

Top 25 web forum have a nice forum, have a look at some of the user profiles. Their search engine ranking tools is also well worth a try.
This is good friendly forum, and you can often find me there!


Forums can be a good place to learn about a topic, do a search on Google and you'll find forums, covering hundreds of different topics. Regularly visits to forums will keep you up to date with changes in your area.

Its Free

Why pay an expert for advice, when you can ask them for free?, you can get a lot of good advice from forums, but bear in mind, not everyone who posts on them knows what they are talking about!

Its fun

The web is a fun place to be, and so are a lot of forums you can also make friends!

Enjoy the forum experience!

Clare Lawrence is CEO of Discount Domains Ltd – A leading UK provider of Domain name registration and Web Hosting services. Please feel free to re-publish this article provided this reference box remains together with a hyperlink to http://www. Clare can also be contacted on

Joining Forums